Consulting and advisory services

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About COGITO International Consulting

COGITO International Consulting is a consultancy corporation created by advisors experienced in the management of infrastructure and public services.

COGITO International Consulting provides with consulting and advisory services in the areas of energy, transport, water, urban wastewater and solid waste, in emerging economies and industrialized countries.

COGITO International Consulting provides its clients with a full range of services to support the development of public services and infrastructure, addressing their institutional, economic, financial and technical aspects.

Our Areas of Expertise

COGITO International Consulting has extensive and recognized expertise in:

  •    Public-private partnerships (PPP)
  •    Regulation issues
  •    Financial engineering
  •    Strategic studies and policy formulation

Our Network of Partners

In addition to our own team of partners and in-house consultants, we can mobilize high-level expertise from a pool of trusted associates. We have also developed several partnerships with leading technical consulting and engineering firms.




Public Partnership (PPP)

COGITO International Consulting offers its clients expert knowledge in the institutional, legal, financial, economic, commercial and technical fields. This multidisciplinary approach means that COGITO International Consulting provides complete assistance for the successful implementation of large or complex projects, in particular for the development of infrastructures and the creation of public private partnerships: concession agreements, leasing, management and financing of infrastructures through DBO (Design Build Operate), BOT (Build Operate Transfer), BOO (Build Own Operate), etc.


COGITO International Consulting carries out detailed legal and institutional studies, in addition to providing assistance to sector regulation, through the definition and implementation of regulatory functions, assistance to regulators, financial engineering and economic and strategic studies.


COGITO International Consulting operates in the field of technical and financial studies, on tariff issues, on physical-financial modeling, investment plans and operational diagnostics. Lastly, COGITO International Consulting also performs technical audits, physical inventories and asset valuations:

services studies


Consulting and advisory service
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